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The Skyscraper Simulator Forum (or SSF) is the forum that is a part of the Skyscraper Simulator website. It can be accessed from the main website by clicking the section marked "Forum" from the main menu, beside the "Wiki" link.


There are a total of 18 boards that are available for viewing purposes, including an archive board, an announcement board, and a welcome center board. 14 of the 18 boards can be posted in by registered members of the forum. The forum is posted in nearly every day by the active members, mainly in the "Custom Buildings" Section and its sub-boards, but sometimes in the other boards as well.

Board Name Notes
General Discussion Used for general discussions and talk about the simulator
Support Issues related to the simulator are posted in this board
Forum Support Issues related to the Skyscraper Simulator Forum itself would be posted in this board.
Simulator Development Contains all of Skyscraper Simulator's Development Builds and other tools used in the development of the simulator
OLD Bug Reports Not used anymore due to the feature request tracker
OLD Suggestions Not used anymore due to the feature request tracker
Custom Buildings Has the most sub-boards (3 total) out of all the boards
Beno Building Creator Buildings that are created with Beno Building Creator MUST be posted here (NOT in Custom Buildings board or anywhere else)
Integration Projects Contains all integration projects that have been created
User Tutorials Contains tutorials that explains how to do things in Skyscraper Simulator
Off Topic Anything that is off topic is posted here. Topics from 2016 to present that have not yet been locked still remain on this board.
Off Topic Archives Archive board used for posts older than 30 days
(Note: This is only for topics that were created in February 2016 or earlier and have been locked due to inactivity.
Elevator Discussion Used for discussions on elevators
Custom Content Content created by users can be posted here or with the release of buildings or integration projects
Building and Content Requests Used for requests on buildings and/or content
LiftSim This board was removed from view after the project ceased to exist and the board was being filled up with spam.
Forum Announcements Used for important information about the forum, such as events
The Welcome Center Rules that should be read before registering on the forum
Forum Suggestions Suggestions that want to be made to the forum are posted here

Forum Rules

The Forum Rules and other basic information guidelines to read before registering can be found under "The Welcome Center" board section of the forum, at the top category of the forum page.


  • Members can use a shoutbox to post "shouts" in the forum. The shoutbox is located on the bottom area of the forum's pages. The rules say that certain things are not allowed to be posted in the shoutbox, or they will be subject to deletion by the administrators.

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