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This is a page about a building that is a part of maalit72's integration project, the Maalit72 Beno Building Creator Integration Project.
The topic about that integration project can be found here on the Skyscraper forum.

Integration Project Information
Elevator1512's Buildings * 80 tag
Escalatorgeek881's Buildings * 12 tag
Kan's Buildings * 18 tag
Maalit72's Buildings * 126 tag
Sumosoftinc's Buildings * 16 tag
EGR1312's Buildings * 107 tag
June's Buildings * 9 tag
RaioCraft24's Buildings * 5 tag
Elevator1209's Buildings * 82 tag
Current Integration Projects * 19 tag
Add this template *

This information is for the Maalit72 Beno Building Creator Integration Project buildings from 2013 to the present day. The {{Ip/Maalit72/City}} template is used for any of Maalit72's fictional cities, such as Elevation City, Innovation City, and Modernham.