Simple Building (Beno)

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Simple Building
Status Completed
Completed Unknown
Abbreviation None
Creator Please offer a
creator's name if
he/she has provided
Aboveground Floors 11
Underground Floors 0
Passenger Elevators 1
Service Elevators 0
Dumbwaiters 0
Staircases 0 (Due BBC doesn't
support staircases)
Function Demonstration
Part of Beno Building Creator 2
Website Beno Building Creator
How to use this template?

The Simple Building is a demo building & template building for the effect after using the Beno Building Creator 2.

Default Information

  • Building Name: Simple
  • Building Designer: Beno
  • Floors: 11
  • Elevators/Lifts: 1 (1980s Otis lift)

Current Floor Assignments

  • 0 - Lobby
  • 1-10 - Offices

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