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Beno Building Creator is an online building creator for Skyscraper Simulator that is written in Javascript. It was created by Skyscraper Simulator Forum user Beno.


Version 1

  • Version 1, or the Step-by-Step creator, was created as a way for Skyscraper Simulator users to make their own buildings without knowing Skyscraper's building scripting language. The first version's features included 11 key things.
    1. Voice prompts
    2. Ability to enable or disable different types of elevators to save memory
    3. Ability to choose a single wall or floor texture from a list for the entire building
    4. Drawing a floor plan by dragging your mouse
    5. Outside entrances
    6. Ability to create internal walls by dragging your mouse
    7. Multiple floors with different floor plans
    8. Atriums
    9. Different types of elevators
    10. Custom serviced floors
    11. Elevators with more than one door

Version 2

  • Although the first version was very limited as compared to the range of options offered by Skyscraper's scripting language, the second version was a great improvement, including 14 new features, in addition to the features of the first version. The biggest and most important overall change was that the building creation process could be done in any order and was not restrictive or linear.
    1. Redesigned interface
    2. Doors
    3. Basements
    4. Completely custom and flexible textures
    5. Ability to import floorplans from another floor
    6. "Snap-to" feature when building walls so that walls and doors would line up
    7. Walls draw at right angles for a cleaner look
    8. Many new types of elevators
    9. Customizable elevator shaft size
    10. Any number of elevators in a shaft
    11. Ability to customize the layout of the cab (button, door, and wall positioning)
    12. Glass elevators
    13. Premade Building templates, like the Simple Building and The Marriot Marquis
    14. Ability to load buildings that you have made in the creator

Random Creator

  • This version contains four options for what to create.
    • The Big City Buildings option allows the user to create a city that can be up to how many floors tall the player specifies. If it is over 30 floors, it will be limited to one type of lift.
    • The 200-floor tower option enables the user to select a variety of options on lifts that go up the tower. Three types of lifts are used. First is the lifts that start at the ground floor; the next is lifts that do not start at the ground floor; the last option is the lifts that finish at the top floor. Up to 25 lifts can be selected in this. If more are selected, the creator rejects the excessive lifts that make the count go over 25.
    • The Glass Lift option lets a user create a tower with a glass lift in the middle of it. It can have an unlimited amount of floors and can have a low number of change points in the tower. The elevator will automatically be a Kone EcoDisc.
    • The City Street option allows several roads to simulate buildings like a real city. The buildings cannot be over 30 floors tall without being limited to one type of lift for all of the buildings, which is a setback.


Beno Building Creator editing a building
Beno Building Creator editing a lift

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