List of Skyscraper Simulator Buildings made by Beno Building Creator

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Official Buildings

There is a list of the buildings template in Version 2 made by Beno.

Third Party Buildings

Gooper1's Buildings

Buildings in Gooper City

Other Buildings

Maalit72's Buildings

All buildings are part of the Maalit72 Beno Building Creator Integration Project.

  • One Modernham Shopping Center
  • Modernham High School
  • Modernham Motel
  • IKEA Modernham
  • Transnational Hotel Modernham
  • Skyscraper Freedom Cruise Ship
  • Golden Skyscrapersim Cruise Ship
  • Skyscraper Paradise Cruise Ship
  • 72 Tower
  • Modernham International Airport$
  • Modernham Mall
  • Modernham Central Bus Station
  • The Jewish Mall in Modernham
  • The Resort Area At The Desert
  • The Victory Mall in Modernham
  • Skyscraper Splendor Cruise Ship
  • Modernham Diamond Shopping Center in Modernham
  • Modernham Vista Observation Tower
  • Modernham Palace Residential Complex
  • Transnational Hotel West Modernham
  • Modernham Hospital
  • KIKA Modernham/Forever 72 in Modernham
  • Golf Center Mall in Modernham
  • Transnational Hotel Fabiola
  • Transnational Classic Hotel in Modernham
  • Bacy's DownTown Modernham
  • The Garden Office Building in Elevation City
  • The Observation Tower in South Elevation City
  • Skyscraper Imagination Cruise Ship
  • Panorama Plaza Residence Tower in Elevation City
  • Transnational Casino Hotel in Elevation City
  • Elevation Culture And Leisure Center in Elevation City
  • Reuben Residence Tower in Elevation City
  • SecondHome hotel Modernham
  • 116 Jeremiah street in Elevation City
  • Zion Plaza Residence in Elevation City
  • Elevation City Museum
  • Econolux hotel Elevation City Heart in Elevation City
  • Parliament Plaza Parking Garage in Elevation City
  • 1 Amos street in Elevation City
  • Freedom Transnational hotel Elevation City
  • Skyscraper Dream Cruise Ship
  • Skyscraper Destiny cruise ship
  • Najara Tower residence in Elevation City
  • Sony/Elevation Electric store in Elevation City
  • DownTown Parking Garage in Elevation City
  • Golden Transnational hotel DavidVille
  • Scandic hotel Escalatorton
  • Transnational hotel Escalatorton
  • Escalatorton Tower at Escalatorton
  • Grape Creek Mall in Innovation City
  • Escalatorton Mall in Escalatorton
  • Second Zion Town Center in Second Zion
  • Coastal Cliff Condominiums in Escalatorton
  • Jerusalem Towers in Elevation City
  • Innovation Hill Mall in Innovation City
  • The Pyramid Tower in Elevation City
  • Galleria Mall & Olympus Inn hotel in Innovation City
  • Chinatown Center in Innovation City
  • Ice City Mall in Escalatorton
  • David Mall in Davidville
  • IKEA Escalatorton
  • Transnational Riviera hotel in Escalatorton
  • The Pit Mall
  • Ginsberg Hospital in Elevation City$
  • Golden Calf Casino Hotel in Escalatorton
  • Lapis Business Plaza
  • Galil Square Shopping Plaza
  • Hotel Hawaii
  • Yukon Suites hotel in Escalatorton
  • Theme Hotel
  • NavyVille Mall
  • Exodus Building
  • Elevation City County University$
  • Line Promenade Mall
  • Empress Medical Plaza
  • Reams Park Mall
  • Jewish Elevation Parliament
  • Escalatorton Pillar
  • Teitelbaum Mall
  • Freedom Transnational hotel Escalatorton
  • Marina Promenade Shopping Center
  • Innovation City Hospital
  • Triton Hotel in Elevation City
  • Be'er Tesha Mall
  • ConvenMall in Elevation City
  • Exchange Mall in Second Zion
  • San Elevationa Retail Center in San Elevationa
  • Civic Outlet Shopping Center in Innovation City
  • Solomon Center in Line City
  • David Gardens Hotel in DavidVille
  • Riviera Square Towers in Yehoram Bay
  • Bar Nor Center in Innovation City
  • MetroShops Mall in Escalatorton
  • MAX Bay Mall in Yehoram Bay
  • BordART Mall in Narkis Village
  • Pioneer Shopping Village in Innovation City
  • West Max Mall in Be'er Tesha
  • Mosinzon Center in Elevation City
  • Be'er Tesha Central Bus Station in Be'er Tesha
  • Ibn Gabirol Tower in Elevation City
  • Modernham Place Mall in Modernham
  • HaShalom Mall in Elevation City

yanterko3915's Buildings

Naomi Autumns' Buildings

Elevator1512's Buildings


  • + = Inactive
  • ++ = Future Building
  • ! = Entire On Working Building
  • $ = A list

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