List of Skyscraper Simulator Buildings made by Beno Building Creator

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Official Buildings

There is a list of the buildings template in Version 2 made by Beno.

  • Marriott Marquis (Fictional)
  • Marriott Marquis (Simple)
  • Old Otis Mansion
  • Simple Building

Third Party Buildings

Gooper1's Buildings

Buildings in Gooper City

Other Buildings

Hyundaielevatorfan's Buildings

Maalit72's Buildings

  • Lapis Business Plaza
  • Galil Square Shopping Plaza
  • Hotel Hawaii
  • Yukon Suites hotel in Escalatorton
  • Theme Hotel
  • NavyVille Mall
  • Exodus Building
  • Elevation City County University$
  • Line Promenade Mall
  • One Modernham Shopping Center
  • Empress Medical Plaza
  • Reams Park Mall
  • Jewish Elevation Parliament
  • Escalatorton Pillar
  • Teitelbaum Mall
  • Freedom Transnational hotel Escalatorton
  • Marina Promenade Shopping Center
  • Innovation City Hospital

yanterko3915's Buildings

Naomi Autumns' Buildings


  • + = Inactive
  • ++ = Future Building
  • ! = Entire On Working Building
  • $ = A list

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