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Not to be confused with a .bld file, which is the file format that buildings are in.

  • This list includes all of the Skyscraper Simulator Buildings.
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Official Buildings

Building Name Creator Status
Triton Center Ryan Thoryk In progress
Glass Tower Ryan Thoryk In progress
Sears Tower Ryan Thoryk In progress
Simple Building Ryan Thoryk Complete
Simple variations 1 Various users Complete
Simple variations 2 Various users Complete
Observation Tower Ryan Thoryk In Progress
Underground Ryan Thoryk Complete
Triton Center mods Various users Complete

Third Party Buildings

This is a list of the buildings made by other people.

Beno's buildings

Building Name Type Status
Coalham High Street Mall Completed
Coalham Plaza Mall Completed
Coalham Hospital Hospital Completed
Guys Hospital Hospital Completed
Coalham Housing Estate Residential Completed
Coalham Museum and Art Gallerys Museum Completed
Hampstead Underground Station Station Completed
Inspirational City City Completed
Modernham Towers Multi-purpose Completed
Island Multi-purpose Completed

ElevatorFace's buildings

Building Name Type Status
Atticus Mall Mall Completed
Preston Mall Mall Completed
Elevator Museum Museum Completed
Hotel Cornelius Hotel Completed
Mini Unknown Completed
Reddor Plaza Unknown Completed
Vondia Building Office Completed
Thaddeus Building Office Completed

escalatorgeek881's buildings

All of escalatorgeek881's buildings are in the EG881 Integration Project.

Building Name City Status
Dellerton Plaza Andersville Inactive (assumed complete)
Eternity Plaza Andersville In progress
One Mantis Center Andersville Inactive
Northeast Triad Convention Center Andersville In progress
Terrace Andersville Inactive
Terrace Version 3 Andersville In progress
The Spire Carrara Inactive, incomplete
Triton Center II Unknown Inactive
Triton Center III Diamond City In progress
Sky I Diamond City In progress
Stratford Business Complex Stratford In progress

elevatorman138's buildings

Building Name Type Status
The Lift Center Multi-purpose Completed
Triton Center Updated Multi-purpose Completed
Donald Trump Alarm System HQ Multi-purpose Completed
Triton Center 2012 Multi-purpose Unknown

elevatorman191's buildings

Almost all of elevatorman191's buildings are located in City of Cliveden.

Building Name Type Status
Cliveden Mall Mall On Hold
Desmond Wharf Complex On Hold
Cliveden Dundalk International Airport Airport On Hold

Test Tower's buildings

Most of the buildings are in Butler City.

Building Name Type Status
Hayate TVB Tower Multi-purpose Completed (Office area and parking)
Butler Centre Multi-purpose In Progress
Bay View Building Residential In Progress
Skyscrapersim Housing Estate Residential (Public Housing Estate) Completed (For some sections)
Pacific Ocean Commercial Building Office Completed
Ngau Tau Kok Building Office Planned

Kan's buildings

Most of the buildings are in Liftland.

See Also: KW Integration Project
Building Name Type Status
Triton Convention Center Multi-purpose Inactive
Gen5 Office Tower Office Inactive
One Pacific Center Residential Inactive
Two Pacific Center Office Inactive
Intercontinental Hotel Interchange City Hotel Completed
Interchange Hospital Hospital Discontinued
Transnational Office Plaza Multi-purpose Completed
Skyscrapersim Housing Estate - Section 1.2 Multi-purpose (Public Housing Estate) Completed
Driverson City City Completed
Tennerland Complex Office Completed
Skydream Tower Office Completed
Simulation Tower Office Completed
Westin Tranquility City Hotel Completed
Skyscraper School School Completed
Tranquility Conference Center Conference center Completed
Friendship School School Completed

shsav2012's buildings

Building Name Type Status
Monarch Building Multi-purpose Canceled
Palace Hotel Hotel Inactive
World Trade Center (cancelled) Multi-purpose Cancelled

Rico's buildings

Building Name Fixtures Status
Simple - Lohdijk (mod) Lohdijk Complete
Simple - Axiom (mod) Axiom Complete

Andreas-HT's buildings

Building Name Type Status
Veranda Plaza Office Canceled
Teknikk Plaza Complex Inactive

Gooper1's buildings

Buildings in Gooper City

Building Name Address Status
Gooper Tower 1A Gooper St N Complete
Gooper Tower 2 1B Gooper St N Complete
Gooper Tower 3 1C Gooper St N Complete
Gooper Tower 4 1D Gooper St N Planned
Gooper Tower 5 1E Gooper St N Planned
Gooper Complex Unknown Planned

Other buildings

Building Name City Status
Verlinburg International Airport Verlinburg In progress
SumoCity International Airport SumoCity Complete
Simple - Moving Walk Unknown Complete

Sumosoftinc's buildings

Buildings in HEF's Fictional Cities

Building Name Address Status
Hyundaielevatorfan City 9000 Hyundai Street Inactive
United Town Hotels Complex 9000 Hyundai Street Inactive
Central Park Mall @Fabiola City 1200 Sudirboy Street Complete
HEF Tower Empty Location Inactive
Hyundai Convention Center 1997 Ferdina Street Inactive
Mall of United Town Pacific Street Inactive
SEA Games Residences Fabiola City 1200 Sudirboy Street Inactive
Discovery Shopping Mall Fabiola City Northern Beach 300 Atlantic Street Inactive
Sigmaville International Airport 400 Rock Street, West Sigmaville Inactive
Fabiola City International Airport 600 Atlantic Street, East Fabiola City Complete
Central Park Office Tower Verlinburg South Verlinburg Complete
VBP Center Yudhoyono Street, South Verlinburg Inactive
Central Festival Sigmaville Western Beach Jaksa Street, West Sigmaville Inactive
The Fabiola Gallery 1200 Sudirboy Street Complete
Green Bay United Town South Beach Street Inactive
One Jakarta Center South Sigmaville Inactive
Sumo Tower United Town City Center Complete
Ciputra Mall Fabiola City West Fabiola City Inactive
Taman Anggrek Mall United Town United Town City Center Complete
Verlinburg Town Square Accross Central Park Tower Inactive
Sumo Tower II Revolution City Center Complete
Grand Hyatt Fabiola City Incomplete
Prince Palace Fabiola City Fabiola City Inactive

Buildings in other cities

Building Name Address Status
Pacific Place Mall @Gooper City Gooper City Completed
Emporium Coalham Mall and Hotel Coalham Completed
Pacific Place Mall Wuthithepbunchaville Interchange City Completed
Gooper City Soccer Stadium Gooper City Completed
Mall of Prism Prism Completed

Sumosoftinc's Standalone Projects

Building Name Address Status
Sumo Tower III 900 Ohlala Street Complete
United Town Pentagon Concert Hall Kone Street Completed
Seasons City Modernham Unknown Inactive
Wisma 47 Unknown Inactive
XIII Divergence Residences Unknown Complete
Plaza Moonlight Unknown Complete
One South Side Unknown Complete

Other buildings

  • Statue of United Town
  • Statue of Plasma and Plasma HQ
  • Living World
  • Sumo Tower IV
  • Sumo Tower V
  • Revolution City International Airport
  • Revolution City International Jail
  • CentralWorld
  • Sumo Riverside Walk
  • Gramedia Bookstore
  • Skyscraper Central Bank
  • Paradox Condominiums
  • Epicentrum Walk
  • Signature Apartments
  • Djarum Sport Center

Chiefboz's buildings

All of Chiefboz's buildings are in the fictional city of Prism.

Building Name Address Status
Chiefboz Tower 1 Gateway Pl W On hold
Prism International Airport 900 Airway Blvd Planned

Other People's buildings

Building Name Creator Status
Achkmed Tower rr5678 Inactive
Triton Center TK epco_rules Unknown
Elevationville Office Plaza elevatorman247 Complete
Meradian Building Elevatorsonly Complete
Chicago Tower Willman247 Not built
One Adelaide Center Windows446 Inactive
Gas Station (Skyton City) Alister On hold
Fern Tree Tower Naomi Autumns Planned
Triton Complex anime1 Complete
101 Sky Center anime1 Complete
1WC anime1 Complete
Triton Center 6 Mike On hold
Line Tower elevator1512 Unknown
Himmelstor Hospital Alister Complete
World Trade Center Ostermanrocks9768 In progress
Hailey Tower buildingplanner698 On hold
216 7 Avenue buildingplanner698 Complete
Graph Tower buildingplanner698 In progress
TreeField Sky Tower RaioCraft24 Complete
SouthEast Hotel of TreeField RaioCraft24 Complete
New Otis Mansion RaioCraft24 Complete
Diamond Tower RaioCraft24 In progress

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